Hotel Front Desk Clerk

Jakea A. Copeland

Phone: (202) 315-6357



Professional Objective


To obtain a position in the human and public services industry that will allow me to utilize my creativity, initiative, knowledge, and skills to assist the organization with meeting their goals and objectives. This will facilitate my professional, educational and personal growth.


Professional Experience


Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Rockville, MD

Program Specialist – April 2014 – Present (Full-time position)


Job Duties:

  • Participate in the development, enhancement and improvement of administration and operations of the office. Apply analytical and evaluative techniques to identify, consider and resolve issues or problems of a procedural or factual nature. Continually evaluate the quality, effectiveness, and responsiveness of services provided and initiate improvements;

  • Plan and/or accomplish special projects. Conduct extensive research of data from diverse sources and extract and assemble information. Develop reports and presentations;

  • Serve as the Agency's contact and interact with foreign regulatory officials and Center/Office of International Programs contacts in support and planning of international inspections;

  • Prepare or review travel packages for business trips to insure that they comply with established requirements. Evaluate justification for travel, recommend changes or alternatives to management to ensure adherence to regulations. Create trip itineraries for foreign inspections;

  • Arrange briefings, orientations, training and familiarization for the investigators and for debriefing sessions. Maintain contact with investigators during trips to discuss last minute program changes and to provide advice and assistance;

  • Serve as the administrative contact, supply coordinator and budget monitor. Monitor obligations in order to assure that expenditures do not exceed allocation and request additional funding and provide justifications as necessary to meet changes in program requirements.


Express, Bethesda, MD

Sales Associate & Stock Associate – August 2015 – August 2016 (Part-time position)


Sales Associate Duties:

  • Provided exceptional customer experience through offering assistance when needed

  • Ensured product was on the floor and sized appropriately

  • Stayed up-to-date with current promotions and styles, in order offer exceptional customer assistance

  • Provided all customers with a quick and efficient cash wrap experience

  • Assisted in visual merchandising

  • Additional tasks include stocking, cleaning, and folding merchandise


Stock Associate Duties:

  • Leveraged merchandise flow efficiencies to ensure product is available and easy to shop.

  • Ensured merchandise is processed according to UPH standards.

  • Ensured new product is placed appropriately on the sales floor once it arrives and has been processed


LA Fitness, Gambrills, MD

Front Desk Associate – October 2013 – May 2014 (Part-time position)


Customer Service Skills:

  • Courteously and professionally greets members and guests.

  • Check-in each member and guest, while screening for delinquent accounts.

  • Ensures all guest are checked-in for scheduled appointments and are directed to the appropriate staff.

  • Modify training appointments for members.

  • Ensures sign-in sheet is available for members 30 minutes prior to class start time.

  • Responds to all member inquiries and concerns promptly.

  • Answers phones courteously and in a professional manner.

  • Distributes equipment and other materials to guests upon request.

  • Contacts guest with delinquent accounts and assist them with bringing their accounts current.

  • Helps manage member accounts by updating personal information and adding optional membership upgrades.

  • Processes sales for various items/services offered by the club.

  • Announces club closing 30 minutes prior to closing time. Ensures all guests have vacated the club before closing.


Salon Trenz by Yvette, Greenbelt, MD

Salon Assistant/Technician- March 2006 – Present (Part-time position)


Customer Service Skills:

  • Greet all visitors and clients. Developing a rapport with each client.

  • Answers customer phone calls and being detail oriented when relaying messages to stylist.

  • Schedule, modify and cancel client appointments.

  • Retrieve client contact information and enter data into client information log.

  • Answers all customer inquiries and assists customers with style decisions. Offering suggestions on possible services when solicited.

  • Address and resolve client concerns to my ability; directing more critical concerns to stylist/owner.

  • Ensure I am properly prepared to service each client as they arrive, minimizing wait time.

  • Listen actively as instruction is given by stylists for specific services.

  • Follows safety policies and regulation, in order to promote a safe workplace.

  • Handles cash and checks for services rendered. Retrieves money orders for stylists.

  • Knowledgeable of local area, offering suggestions and directions to multiple businesses.

  • Manages salon when stylist/owner is absent.


Hair Related Skills:

  • Escort customers to shampoo bowls and designated dryer area

  • Ensure clients are comfortable throughout being serviced; make accommodations as necessary.

  • Complete all necessary preparation services in order to assist stylist, in order to minimize client wait time.

  • Properly shampoo, condition and treat a variety of hair textures.

  • Stay up to date with current hair trends and products.

  • Properly apply and remove chemicals, such as color and relaxers, in accordance with state cosmetology board regulations and policies.

  • Properly set, wrap, and mold hair for styling.

  • Properly remove rollers, rods, hair extensions, etc.

  • Keep salon clean and presentable at all times by sweeping, removing trash, properly disposing of chemicals, folding towels and keeping products and tools in proper location.



Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW), Bethesda, MD

Sales Associate – September 2011 – January 2012 (part-time position)


Customer Service skills:

  • Greet all customers

  • Answer all customer inquiries both in-person and via the telephone.

  • Offer product suggestions based on customer feedback and product knowledge.

  • Promote DSW Rewards program and any current promotions.

  • Maintain a clean and organized store by picking up trash and returning products to proper location.

  • Assisted with placing products on floor following DSW standards.

  • Organized and maintain stockroom



Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Rockville, MD

Program Support Assistant – February 2013 – April 2014 (Full-time position)


Administrative Skills:

  • Create and maintain paper and electronic filing systems used to track and collect data from multiple sources. Arrange the relocation and disposition of files, in accordance with office procedures and regulations.

  • Provides administrative support to supervisor and multiple review administrators, such mailings, drafting correspondence, data entry, research and program file maintenance.

  • Prepare, execute and track grants, cooperative agreements and contracts within the Division of Grant Review (DGR). Assists with complex programs such as DFC (Drug Free Communities) Support Program and STOP (Sober Truth on Preventing Underage Drinking) Act.

  • Ensures applicants are in compliance with administrative and financial requirements stated in Request for Application (RFA).

  • Reviews and becomes familiar with RFA’s for each program assigned to, in order to provide effective administrative and technical assistance to RA’s.

  • Reviews and analyzes budget information for grants and cooperative agreements with guidance and supervision of Review Administrators (RA).

  • Provide administrative and technical support to program RA’s on various programs, in order to help achieve the goals of the Department of Grant Review.

  • Gathers information to compile various reports, spreadsheets and correspondence, such as summary statements, composite score sheets, assessment forms and various correspondence to applicants.

  • Collaborate with other government agencies, outside organizations and other departments within SAMSHA, in order to support program and agency goals.

Leadership Skills:

  • Acts as Lead Program Support Assistant, managing tasks of multiple programs, varying in complexity.  Ensuring tasks are completed accurately by specified deadline.

  • Updates senior staff and supervisor on workloads and any administrative issues, while suggesting resolutions.

  • Provides technical assistance and responses to inquiries on the grant process from other Program Support Assistants and others within DGR.

  • Analyze and evaluate work processes and methods. Make recommendations for improvements based on analysis, in order to ensure staff is working at optimum efficiency and continuously producing high quality work.

  • Provides suggestions for improvements in training manuals, workshops and work processes. Interacts with trainers as manuals and workshops are created for staff. 



National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bethesda, MD

Lead Extramural Support Assistant – March 2011 – February 2013


Administrative Skills:

  • Answer phones, collect and distribute mail.

  • Prepare and present information to senior staff, management and Extramural Support Assistant (ESA) utilizing visual and written aids such as PowerPoint and  SharePoint

  • Serves as the office procurement liaison, ordering supplies and scheduling all office maintenance

  • Assist multiple senior staff and the Chief of the Office of Scientific Review (OSR), by maintaining and updating calendars, arranging travel, coordinating meetings and training, and other duties as assigned.

  • Maintain office calendar of all upcoming meetings and conferences.

  • Prepare, review and annotate correspondence, memorandums, official messages, and information requests for both internal customers and external customers.

  • Create and maintain paper and electronic filing systems used to track and collect data from multiple sources. Arrange the relocation and disposition of files, in accordance with office procedures and regulations.

  • Provide technical support to ESA's and senior staff.

  • Attend meetings, record minutes and communicate all information to supervisor, senior staff and ESA’s.

  • Collaborate with other government agencies and other outside organizations, in order to support program goals.

  • Conduct research on a variety of administrative, technical and grant application matters. Consolidate information and presents findings in a variety of formats.

  • Efficiently and effectively presents information to staff and high-level professionals, utilizing both visual and written aids.

  • Review outgoing documents for compliance with office policies and regulations.

Travel and Meeting Planning Skills:

  • As travel liaison I create, process and review travel authorizations and vouchers for local and domestic travel.

  • I have received comprehensive training in foreign travel.

  • Effectively organizes and plans in-person, teleconference and internet-assisted meetings for multiple professional staff, while meeting deadlines and producing high quality work.

  • Prepare all necessary meeting documents for all meeting attendees.

  • Ensure each meeting attendee receives an honorarium and any other travel related reimbursements, in a timely manner. Investigate and resolve any payment issues

  • Reserve meeting facilities, make sleeping arrangements for guest, and ensure all required audio visual equipment is available and working properly, prior to the meeting.

  • Actively interact and communicate with meeting facility staff to execute successful meetings.

  • Serve as the SREA (Scientific Review and Evaluation Activities) point of contact for my business area. This entails a detail oriented review of all hotel contracts and invoices for all off-site meetings, to ensure adherence to policies and procedures of the NIH and the Federal government, and accuracy of charges. I then forward all reviewed and approved contract and invoices to our accounting office for payment.


Leadership Skills:

  • Oversee, manage and delegate the daily tasks of each Extramural Support Assistant (ESA).

  • Track and maintain time and attendance of each ESA. Communicate all attendance issues to Chief of OSR and the ESA’s customers.

  • Communicate with the senior staff to ensure that their customer service expectations are being met by their designated ESA. Resolve any work related issues or conflicts, in a professional manner.

  • Update supervisor weekly on staff workload, administrative operations and any policy changes.

  • Collaborate with the Chief concerning office operations, in order to ensure optimum efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Continuously analyze and evaluate effectiveness, efficiency and productivity of administrative processes and methods. Make recommendations for improvement based on analysis.

  • Draft quarterly workloads for approval by the Chief of OSR.

  • Prepare and submit quarterly Financial Operating Plan (FOP) report.

  • Conduct and coordinate monthly staff meetings; prepare agenda and other relevant materials.

  • Manage successful small individual and team projects. Utilize Excel spreadsheets to track progress and ensure deadlines are met.

  • Applies effective reasoning and judgment to projects, in order to produce the best results.

  • Train and mentor new ESA’s on all processes and procedures of the office.

  • Effectively communicate administrative policies and procedures to ESA’s.

  • Collaborate with professional staff to create and update information on the office SharePoint site.

  • Create and formulate standard and newly implemented processes and procedures, in the form of checklists, guidelines and instructions; used throughout the office. These checklists and guidelines are also used for new employees as training and reference tools.

  • Assist with the development and implementation of Standard Operating Procedures, guidelines and instructions concerning extramural support assistance.

  • Stay current with all new and changing policies and regulations. Make sure each ESA and senior staff is informed of these policies and that the office operates within compliance.



National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bethesda, MD

Extramural Support Assistant (ESA) - May 2008 – March 2011


Administrative Skills:

  • Create and maintain paper and electronic file systems, used to track data, collect information from numerous sources, in order to increase personal and overall organization.

  • Records and distributes meeting minutes and other pertinent material to all staff and high-level professionals.

  • Efficiently and effectively delivers information to staff utilizing visual and written aids, as well as verbally relaying information.

  • Generate large mail outs, which include confidential materials; tracks packages while in transit and ensure a timely and safe delivery.


Leadership and Training Skills:

  • When serving as “Acting Task Leader” I oversee the workflow of all co-workers, report Time and Attendance, and incorporate effective leadership skill to increase and/or maintain productivity.

  • I have trained numerous new staff members on all operations, tasks and procedures performed in the Office of Scientific Review (OSR).

  • When solicited for information I do not have, I take the initiative to research all resources to obtain accurate information, which is then communicated to the inquiring staff or high-level professional.

  • I am a member of the Morale Committee, where I collaborate with other co-workers on ideas for boosting the morale in the workplace, motivation and award employees for outstanding performance.



Travel and Meeting Planning Skills:

  • As travel liaison, I create and process travel authorizations and vouchers for local and domestic travel and training.

  • I have received comprehensive training in foreign travel.

  • Organize and plan in-person conferences, teleconferences and conferences held via internet.

  • Reserve meeting facilities, sleeping arrangements for guest, and ensure all required equipment is available and working properly, prior to the meeting.

  • Compile and prepare all necessary meeting documents into folders for each meeting attendee.

  • Post meeting I process all reimbursements, for all applicable meeting attendees.

  • Serve as the SREA (Scientific Review and Evaluation Activities) point of contact for my business area. This entails a detail oriented review of all hotel contracts and invoices for all off-site meetings, to ensure adherence to policies and procedures of NIH and the Federal government, and accuracy of charges. I then forward all reviewed and approved contract and invoices to our accounting office for payment.



Nationwide Land Title & Escrow Services, Inc, New Carrolton, MD

Administrative Assistant- June 2004 – May 2008


Administrative Skills: 

  • Maintain accurate and confidential records of client financial information

  • Assist multiple loan officers and company CEO with daily financial operation services; establishing quality processes that resulted in outstanding client satisfaction.

  • Computerized and catalogued all past year’s paper files.

  • Arrange proper secure storage of old confidential files.

  • Develop and maintain a filing system containing new and current client information, tracked and recorded updated information, and consolidated it in a MS Excel spreadsheet.

  • Greet and escort visitors to appropriate staff and/or conference rooms.

  • Distribute incoming mail and packaged outgoing mail for delivery.

  • Locate and research files for pertinent information for internal and external requests.

  • Conduct follow-ups with clients via telephone or written correspondence.

  • Draft and edited various written correspondence for loan officers and CEO.


Meeting Planning Skills:

  • Inspect conference rooms prior to meeting, to make sure they were clean and fully equipped.

  • Arrange meetings between current clients and potential clients, with loan officers.

  • Gather and compile meeting documents for both the client and loan officer.

  • Assisted loan officers during meetings as requested.


Twist-N-Turns Natural Hair Salon, NW Washington, DC

Hair Stylist – June 2003 – August 2005 (part time position)



Customer Service Skills:

  • Acted as receptionist when needed. Greeting all customers/visitors when entering and leaving the salon.

  • Answered the phones in a professional manner. Providing information to callers in regards to service offered. Recorded and relayed messages thoroughly and in a timely manner.

  • Scheduled, rescheduled and canceled appointments. Maintained an updated appointment calendar for all stylists.

  • Ensured waiting area was clean and stocked with reading material for customers.

  • Built a professional and friendly rapport with all clients and customers.

  • Provided consultation services to new/prospective clients.

  • Managed salon in owner’s absence.


Hair Related Skills:

  • Escort clients to shampoo bowl and styling stations.

  • Properly shampoo and treat client’s hair.

  • Knowledgeable of a how to treat and care for various hair textures.

  • Style client’s hair based on their styling choice. Offer styling choices to clients based on their wants and needs and my knowledge of natural hair.

  • Ensure the clients are completely satisfied with their service.




University of Maryland University College – Adelphi, MD

Bachelors Degree in Business Administration

Completed May 2013


Prince Georges Community College - Largo, MD

Associates Degree in Business Management

Completed May 2010


North Carolina A&T State University – Greensboro, NC

 Completed some coursework in Business Management

May 2005 – January 2006


Charles Herbert Flowers High School – Springdale, MD

High School Diploma

Completed June 2005




  • Dean’s List (Fall semester 2009)

  • National Honor Society (2002-2004)

  • Employee of the Quarter- 1st Quarter 2009

  • Performance Awards (monetary and time-off)


Computer Skills


  • Microsoft Word/Excel/Power Point/ Publisher/Outlook (2003 & 2007)

  • Principles of Document Design using MS Word

  • GovTrip 2.0- HHS travel system

  • NIHITS II (NIH Integrated Training System)

  • Adobe 8.0

  • PubMed

  • IMPAC II- an NIH information database (Committee Management, Peer Review, eRA Commons)

  • QVR (Query View Report)

  • File Maker Pro

  • SREA Payment and Reporting System (SPRS)

  • Imageware

  • FedEx Online

  • Forefield (Newsletters and Web Resources)

  • Internet Explorer

  • Types 60 wpm




  • Interpersonal Communication

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Communicating in a Culturally Diverse Workplace

  • Dealing with Difficult People

  • Time and Task Management

  • Supervisory Preparatory Series

  • Project Management Essentials

  • Tactful Communication using Influence and Credibility

  • Budget Tracking

  • SharePoint 2010

  • Writing Correspondence




  • ID#: 119627
  • Location: Laurel, MD , 20707

Don't Be Fooled

  • When selling, do not put your home address in your ad.
  • To avoid scams, buy and sell with people you can meet locally, in person.
  • When meeting with someone you don't know, meet in a public place. If that's not possible, have a buddy with you. Also, carry a cell phone; if you feel unsafe, you can call a trusted friend, and stay on the line.
  • Never give out financial or private information like account numbers, PayPal login, or social security number.
  • If an offer sounds too good to be true, it is. Walk away!

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